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Eco-friendly carpet cleaning in Swindon and district for over 20 years.

We are an established firm of Swindon carpet cleaners, and we care about our customers. We offer a professional carpet cleaning service in and around Swindon that will fit your budget and requirements. We specialise in removing those difficult stains. Our special quick dry system ensures that your carpets are ready to walk on within an hour or so. We use hot water extraction, also sometimes called “steam cleaning” which is the world’s favourite method. This method works well, and is reliable.

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A happy customer said...

Excellent company - the owners are lovely people and respectful of the property at all times. They are prompt to arrive and did an excellent job cleaning both mine and my grandparents homes.

— Laura — Old Town

Our Service

Our excellent hydromist system utilises the world's leading carpet cleaning technology. Hot water extraction, sometimes called 'steam cleaning', is the world's favourite method. This system produces excellent results across all types of materials.


Super deep cleaning on carpets, where a gentle chemical solution removes unwanted stains and dirt from the carpet fibres.


This uses a similar system to the carpet cleaning system, where a smaller hand-tool and reduced water flow gently cleans all types of uphostery.


We clean all types of rugs at our workshop. Simply drop off your rug and we will contact you when it has been cleaned, often the next day.


If you pay rent and your letting agent wants you to get the carpets cleaned – BE CAREFUL – you might be paying more than you need to!

Swindon Carpet Cleaners prices are competitive. We specialise in letting cleans, moving in and moving out cleans where often the letting agents will not release deposits until the carpets have been cleaned professionally. We always provide receipts on completion, include free pet treatment, and do our utmost to remove stubborn stains. Flats and apartment blocks are no problem, and we have prices for complete 2 bed apartments for a bargain price.

Be careful if your landlord insists that you use their preferred company to do your work; many of the letting agents and estate agents receive a cash incentive or “kickback” of around 30% from the cleaning contractor. The cleaning contractor simply adds 30% to pay the fee that the agent requires for giving them the work, and that’s 30% you DO NOT need to pay on your bill. You have freedom to use any cleaning contractor you choose whether it’s us or anybody else. We never pay agents so that they will use our services; it’s not fair on hard working people to be subjected to this shady and immoral way of doing business

What we do offer, is an excellent service at affordable prices and a proper guarantee. We have found that our customers appreciate this and come back to us time and time again.


Although our pets are loved and our best friends, they can sometimes cause a problem with your lovely carpets. We offer free pet treatment as standard (when requested), and our machines can often remove unsightly stains and marks on carpets and rugs.

Carpets with high wool content are more difficult to treat, and on occasions as with woollen clothing the marks are difficult to remove. However, the odour produced by pet accidents can be treated effectively. We use a specially formulated chemical that biologically helps the process.

Sometimes if the marks are fresh and have not already been attempted we can eliminate and bring the carpet or rug back to life and nobody would have known any different. The key is getting it looked at as soon as possible, and try not to leave it too long or worse, use some random chemical that could fix the stain rather than remove it.

A happy customer said...

Fantastic and quick service at a very reasonable cost. At short notice came and completely rejuvenated some badly stained and smelly carpets. Now all fresh and clean and a very happy customer. Wouldn't use anyone else now!

— Carol — Swindon


Telephone us for our most up to date prices. Prices may vary slightly depending on where you live and your specific needs.

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A happy customer said...

Excellent job rejuvenating a 10 year old rug that had been in storage for at least 6 years, and therefore was never going to look new again. Great value too.

— Ian F — Swindon

Before and After

Here are some great examples of how carpets can be made to look as new again.

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Click on any of the frequently asked questions below to reveal the answer:

Any carpet which has a dark brown hessian backing runs the risk of browning. Normally acrylic mixtures are more likely to brown because the water absorption of the man-made thermoplastic fibres is very low, therefore there is a far greater tendency for the water to seep down to the hessian backing. The dye in the hessian is then loosened and wicks up the pile fibres giving an unpleasant brown patchy effect. Wool pile carpet tends to hold the relatively small amount of water left after the passage of the vacuum head. The water does not seep down to the backing so easily and wet out the dye.

People in and around Swindon often ask whether tea and coffeee stains can be removed from carpets. The simple answer is yes and no. Let us explain. If we get these stains early it is far easier. When they are left for months and years the chemical reaction between the carpet material and the liquid can change the actual colour of the carpet.

The best way is to act early. The sooner you call a professional the better, but like all things in life there are occasions where those difficult stains might not come out.

Corded carpet stuck to the floor can be cleaned with any unit. Should be left as dry as possible to ensure that discolouration does not take place due to water soluble glues wicking through. Fast-dry with 1.5 hp Hurricane Pro or 3/4 hp airmover.

Sculptured pile carpets are best cleaned by using the 4" hand tool, or better still a Powerbrush, which can reach the lower level of the pile (as will the hand tool) and is very much Quicker. A large brush less unit will tend to miss the lower levels of the pile.

Nylon Foam Backed Loop Pile (100% Synthetic Construction)

Easily cleaned, no risk of shrinkage, can be cleaned with a standard floor wand but the Powerbrush is extremely fast and very effective! Do not use Powerbrush over torn loop pile as the rotating brush can cause snagging.

Cleaning Procedures For Chinese and Indian Super-Washed Rugs

The following section deals with the different cleaning procedures for various items. It is designed as a gutde only. Always pre-test items with ready-to-use cleaning solution before commencing cleaning.

Chinese rugs are normally well suited for water extraction cleaning because the coloured wool yarn is normally washed after dyeing and this removes the excess colour which is not properly fixed and therefore there is Virtually no chance of colour run if properly cleaned.

Recommended Method -

a) Thorough dry vacuuming with high powered industrial vacuum cleaner to remove dust, grit etc.

b) Pre-spot drink and grease stains on pile or fringe with Stapro Stain Remover.

c) Pre-spray and then hand shampoo with a soft upholstery brush using Ashbys Supreme Shampoo. This product is alcohol based for fast-drying and pH 7 (neutral).

d) Rinse extract with a Kleenrite Upholstery Tool using Supreme Fabric Safe with hand hot water.

e) Apply a light spray of Supreme Finish and gently brush pile to remove upholstery tool marks.

f) fast-dry with 1.5 hp Hurricane Pro or 3/4 hp Domi Dry Airmover.

g) If white fringes remain stained by coffee, tea etc. brush on a "standard solution of Stapro Sta White, leave for 30 minutes and rinse thoroughly using only clean water. Do not mix Ashbys Supreme Finish or any acidic solutions with Stapro Sta White. Stapro Sta White is a reducing bleach - refer to instructions on container.

By using a powerful cleaning machine with just the right amount of pressure on the solution injection, no more than 100psi, and high powered 3 stage motors for the vacuum, this will produce excellent results.

Good quality super ECO friendly chemicals, skilled operators that know the job well always pays dividends time after time.

We have a range of wonderful machines to choose from. Each one will clean your carpets beautifully with no fuss.

Here's what we won't do:

  • We do not damage walls.
  • We do not soak the carpets.
  • We do not shrink your carpets either. (with too much water)
  • We do not burn or frazzle the pile.
  • We do not expect you to wait 24 hours or more before you can move the furniture back. (Many companies insist upon it)
  • We do not use life sapping chemicals. (Pre-spraying is not always needed)
  • We do not charge you more than is necessary.
  • We do not try to “upsell” you pointless extras. (Almost all our competitors do)
  • We do not try to make the job seem more difficult than it is.

Here's what we will do:

  • We do want you feeling that the job was stress free.
  • We do want you back in your rooms within a short time, often 2 hours.
  • We do want your carpets looking nice and clean, with practically no overbearing smell or residual chemical in the carpet.
  • We do want you to pay a proper price for the job. (Not an inflated one)
  • We do want you to recommend us.
  • We do want you to be completely satisfied.
  • We do want you to ask us back again.

Swindon carpet cleaners can also do your rugs. We can sometimes clean your rugs at your property depending on the size of the rug.

Often it is far less expensive to simply drop your small rugs off to us and we will clean and prepare them ready for collection the next day.

This way saves you money, and customers have liked this method best over the years.

All size rugs cleaned and sanitised with stain and odour removal included.

Swindon carpet cleaners have an arsenal of machines to choose from. We have used every type of machine there is and we always use the machine what we consider is best suited for the job.

Sometimes this may be a large high powered model, but we always will use the right machine for the job so that it has a minimal effect on the long term life of the carpet.

The correct machine is not always the largest and most highly powered. Remember, we want you back in your rooms within around an hour so we will never “overdo” the process. Swindon carpet cleaners know a thing or two about carpets, and know how to clean your carpets properly.

Often the lowest price means you have to compromise on quality, but we think that Swindon Carpet Cleaners are the exception to this rule.

Swindon carpet cleaners have been around for a while, you may have seen us. We are able to attend at times to suit you and provide you with a free no obligation quotation or estimate.

Sometimes we encounter very dirty carpets that require a little extra work. We like the challenge. We like to think that Swindon Carpet Cleaners reputation and effort will get your carpets looking like new.